Who is Aaron Carlo?

I first met Aaron on a shoot trip to Bahrain last year. He seems to have it all – the celebrity client list, the looks…and most importantly the talent.

I was thrilled when he agreed to do the hair for my ‘Wear Denim’ shoot. I love the end result.

Here he takes us through the products and tools he used to create these effortless, ‘perfect for a spring day’ looks.



Using a Tresemme hairdryer and a large round brush, blow dry Schwarzkopf Prep n Prime spray (roots ‘n mids) and Tresemme Oil Elixir (ends) into the hair.

Put in middle parting.

Using a medium GHD tong, take large sections and rope wind (allowing a twist as you wrap) around the tong. Always directing away from the face, and clip up each section as you go to cool.

When cool, take it all down, and brush with a large soft paddle brush. Finish and position waves with Tresemme Make Waves Hairspray.


Red Head

Start with wet hair and layer Tresemme Shape ‘n Memorise cream over Tresemme Sculpt and Shine spray. Twist sections, and rough dry with a Tresemme hairdryer.

Once dry, use a small tong and take random small sections of any undefined curl, and rope wind (allow twist while wrapping) around the tong, hold for 5 seconds and release.

Once hair looks defined, take Tresemme Oil Elixir and separate the curls using your fingers.



Blow dry hair adding Schwarzkopf Prep n prime, using just your hands to allow natural movement. Then brush with a soft paddle brush, and seal the ends (to stop hair looking dry), using medium GHD irons. Twist small random sections, from the front and parting, tonging away from the face.

Spray Tresemmé Dry Shampoo into the roots and shake out with your fingers.


To follow Aaron:

Instagram: @aaroncarlohair

Twitter: @aaroncarlohair

Website: www.eighteenmanagement.com/aaron-carlo