Considered one of the UK’s top make-up artists, we were super excited to be collaborating with Ruby Hammer on our ‘Sheer Beauty‘ story.

Ruby has been in the business for 25 years, and her client list is phenomenal – listing magazines like Vogue (British, French, American, Italian)  and the famous faces of Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Naomi Campbell and Jude Law.

Her motto is to emphasise your best features and embrace your uniqueness. We’ll second that!

What do you love about make-up and being a make-up artist?

I love make-up and always have… I love it’s transformative and confidence building powers. Being a make-up artist is a dream come true. I enjoy all aspects of it. Being creative, working as part of a team, the travel, meeting different people, different locations….

No two days are the same. I feel blessed to be able to make a living from something I love doing so much.

What are the key products you recommend? What makes them special?

I have my favourites like eyedrops from Italy. My Aveda Exfoliant that prepares the skin on everyone. Khiels Ultra Facial Cream to hydrate, RMK Liquid FoundationMAC Blot PowderBourjois Creme Blusher. All tried and tested many times over. They give me great results every time without irritating the skin. 

Your skin always looks absolutely amazing. What is your secret?

Thank you! I try to maintain a good cleansing regime. While nurturing my skin from outside with a multitude of products that I am lucky to have access to. I also try to eat well, get enough sleep and protect my genes.

I try to pay attention to my overall health without becoming obsessive. I know what works for me and what doesn’t. If I exercised more, my skin would look better.

I take collagen gold forte every day, and Udo’s oil to maintain Omega 3/6/9 for my skin. At the moment I am also using the probiotic range from Aurelia

Finding the right foundation for asian skin can be difficult. How do you do it?

The most important thing is to test in good light. Asian skin comes in many shades: pale to dark. One needs to find the right tone. A foundation, not just yellow in tone, but with some red undertones so you don’t look grey and lifeless. Most cosmetic brands now make this easier for you – MAC, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Estee Lauder, Benefit and Dior.

Favourite MIN look?

Great skin, glowing, nice eyebrows, soft lips.

Favourite MAX look?

Again great skin … always great skin. With either strong eyes or a full-on colour-rich mouth. Sometimes both. Every so often it works- but you need confidence to carry it off. 

Your key make-up application tools?

Clean fingers or tools and brushes. All recommended…depending on the effect desired. I love my Beauty Blender, too. It not only applies base, but I use it to apply cream blush or to tone down/soften areas on the face. 

Your essential beauty tips?

Sleep, drink water and maintain a regime. Little and often. Much better than trying to overhaul everything in one go. If you maintain your grooming in all departments – it won’t take long to get your WOW-factor.

What do you think is the biggest beauty mistake people make?

Wrong foundation colour – and wearing too much without taking the time to blend and soften their make-up. Most people buy good/expensive make-up, but don’t invest in the right tools/brushes to make their make up look great. I find that shocking. Make-up does not go from the palette to the face by magic. It needs a little love and effort – and that effort pays off.
It’s the difference between and OK face and a WOW face. 

Do you recommend any products for autumn/winter?

Introduce a richer oil, cream, mask or serum. Sisley do a great selection. The black rose mask or newly launched black rose oil is divine.

A great look for the autumn?

Great skin with a glow, groomed eyebrows, soft flush on the cheeks, defined eyelashes and a soft berry stain on lips – or nude lips with a defined lined eye in black or a bold colour. 

We are so impressed that you have an MBE! How was it meeting the queen? How does it feel to have been awarded such an honour?!

It was indeed an honour I will never forget. Her Majesty was so gracious and kind. Its a bit of a surreal dream – like a film a sequence that will stay with me my whole life. Very powerful and extremely emotional. 

What celebrities have you been working with recently? Any funny stories?

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. I have mostly worked with celeb models like Ana Beatriz Barros. Fun moments as opposed to funny stories… some too personal to share here. I always try to have a relaxed, fun day.

How was it shooting with MINMAXBeauty?

Absolutely fabulous… it was a great team and atmosphere. Very laid back. 
Our model Ambra was fab…and made all our individual efforts worth while. 

Anything else you would like to share?

When can I come back to do another shoot please?

MINMAX Team: Yes, yes, yes!  Lets do another collaboration soon. Thank you so much Ruby.