28/07/15   For The Rich B*tch

The temptation of the price tag

There are some purchases which are hard to justify, as much as we would like to. A cream may promise to take years off your face,  a certain perfume swears to douse you in eternal joy, or foundation that vows to conceal every possible flaw you have.  From Nivea to Chanel – beauty products give us a bit of comfort, encouragement, fun and essentially a good feeling. Why is it we feel so tempted by a heavy price tag, do they perform that much better than their cheap counterpart, and if so, is it worth spending so much? Probably not – but who are we to judge? If you are feeling like treating yourself, and we are talking about a REAL BIG TREAT, then keep on reading and feel inspired by our 4 max-priced beauty products for the rich b*tch.