The definition of beauty

So we wondered what is the definition of beauty for such a successful make-up artist as Ruby? What does ‘real beauty’ mean to somebody who’s lively-hood consists of bringing out people’s inner beauty with the help of make-up?

We asked Ruby Hammer – what does beauty mean to you?

“Beauty to me is not just cosmetic. I know looks can be enhanced with beauty products, but true beauty is a reflection of an inner spirit. It is ageless and full of grace – not perfect. You know when you are in its presence and it uplifts you. Beauty is simply being kind and confident.”



Kind and Confident

A big thank you for such inspiring and true words – you heard it from the professional: True beauty comes from within. Although a little foundation and mascara never hurt anybody … Make-up is packaging for what really matters – your character and your being.

So find your considerate self, and as Ruby said: “Be kind and confident” and you’ll shine from within. Keep a beautiful perspective.