We asked George

On our latest shoot of our next story, Maxi the Junior Beauty Editor went to bed with celebrity hairstylist George Northwood – but only to interview him about, how to achieve the trendy effortless style that he is famous for. So get ready for some pillow talk!


How to create the famous George-do?

“For messy effortless waves – rough dry the hair until it is completely dry, blow dry the front forward so you get no cowlick and so it’s just really smooth. Then take a wide barrelled tong and wrap the hair around the tong – but always leave the root and the end out of the hair. And lastly – when you take the tong from the hair, pull it straight so you get a really soft wave as opposed to a party curl.”

Best advice?

“My best tip for every women out there is try and care 50% less about what you are doing with your hair. I think a lot of the time, people try way too hard to create something and get too fixated on it. So I always say, do more of a half hearted blow dry or styling thing because then you get a cool undone vibe about it. Another tip is to not look in the mirror because it makes everything really complicated. Look away because everything is back to front anyway. So there are two tips!”

Stay tuned for our ‘Behind The Scenes’ of the shoot where we’ll share more of our interview with George and talk to him about his career, celebrity clients, his salon in central London and most importantly – we’ll go through each look he created for our story, so you can re-create the it at home. Sexy bed head hair, here we come!