007 - Victoria Bond

Bond – Victoria Bond. She probably heard the joke a million times, but it was too hard to resist.  Victoria is one of the talented make-up artists that our Founder Elisabeth Hoff gets to work with, and one of her signature looks is to create the most gorgeous dewy skin. How does she do this? Victoria’s secret weapon: facial oils.


"Oil gives you gorgeous skin!" says Victoria

“I’m asked on a daily basis how to create gorgeous, healthy, glowing skin – here is the simple answer: facial oils. People are often frightened of it, as they think it will make their skin oily and cause spots. But I hereby want to dispel that myth. Oil does quite the opposite, as skin is made of oil, it finds it easier to absorb and process than other formulas – thus giving you gorgeous skin. Facial oils also tend to be made of more natural ingredients, so it’s much better for us all in general.”



How do you use facial oils?

“I always give my models a little facial massage before I apply any make-up. Best to work in upwards motions and don’t be afraid of being firm. Skin enjoys being manipulated – it’s this stimulation that gives it the real glow. I also do this myself twice a day when applying facial oil in the morning and at night. And for those who wonder, yes – you can wear it under make-up, as it has a lovely effect on foundation and I personally believe, it’s the only way to get skin to look real. No heavy, cakey make-up on my models!”

Feeling inspired and want to go on a shopping spree for your own facial oil? Then read on about Victoria’s favourites – and get ready for glowing, gorgeous skin!