Watch This Space!

Hello everyone.

I hope you like the latest story “La Femme” that is up with the beautiful Shana Mouton. I wanted to do a lingerie story that was soft, sensual and feminine.  I love the makeup that Ruby Hammer has done for this shoot – it’s flawless and fresh – and you look at Shana, not the makeup she is wearing. For me, this is the perfect every day makeup.

This will be the last story I do here on MINMAX Beauty. The reason being that I want to concentrate on the image side of things rather than the blogging. I also want a slightly freer canvas to publish my stories on – one that is not purely beauty oriented.

So with this in mind, I will be starting a site called Hoff Stories where any subject goes! I will pop a link up from here when it is up and running.

Until then, I would like to thank everyone for their continued enthusiasm and positive feedback – and a huge thank you to all the wonderful, talented, people who have worked with me on the content for MINMAX Beauty. It’s been a huge, huge pleasure and I look forward to more creative collaborations soon!

Unitl then you can follow my photo adventures on Instagram @elisabethhoffphoto