This week I wanted to share a thought that for my 15 years old self might have come as a bit of a revelation: and that is that models are human!!

Really? Are they not from planet beautiful? Are they not blessed with happiness at every waking moment? Do they not get out of bed every morning and look at their beautiful faces, caress their fabulous bodies…and….just feel…well amazing?

Well – actually – no! Just like you and I (if you are a model and reading this I apologise that I am talking about you like you are not one of ‘us’ because of course you are!) they have their good days and their bad day. They have arguments, fat days, pimples, get fed-up, feel insecure..get their hearts broken.

It might seem like a basic thought and perhaps not one worthy of writing a blog about – but being a model and beautiful does not in itself solve all of lives complications. We all need to pave our own way through the challenges in life. And the reason I am pointing this out is that there is an epidemic of insecurity from girls and women about how they look compared to the models and celebrities that grace the covers of magazines.

One thing I have learnt by being in this industry is that physical beauty does not in itself bring happiness and it’s essential that we know and embrace this fact. You cannot enjoy the beauty industry and what it has to offer if you are constantly comparing yourself to the beauty images that are featured. They are there to be consumed for what they are – images. My advice would be to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and use it for inspiration – not comparison. We are all individuals, and our own beauty journey needs to be based on what suits us and who we are (size, age, build, skin colour, culture). Not just as a one dimensional photograph, but as a 3 dimensional human being.

I have worked with many models who look perfect to everyone else, but who are obviously not happy within themselves and manage to constantly find flaws with their physical appearance. How we accept ourselves is purely a state of mind. I’ve said it before and I’m sure in these blogs I will say it again and again and again – but beauty is about being comfortable with who you are. And if you are not quite ready to shower yourself with self love – then try faking it until you make it. Start pretending to like yourself – you never know – it might actually happen!

Accept where you are right now and enjoy life at this very moment…which is the only moment that counts – no more if’s and buts..

Beauty is joy and confidence – and we can have that at any age and any size – it’s a matter of mental attitude. So be inspired and don’t even for a minute start to compare yourself to anyone.