Urban Retreat Hammam - Our experience

Welcome to our first MINMAX Adventure – where Eva and I (Maxi) got to try out the fabulous new Urban Retreat Hammam in Harrods, London.

This moroccan inspired Spa recently opened it’s doors and invites you to relax in moroccan inspired surroundings, detoxify your body and get the softest skin you’ve ever had. See our impressions and truly blissful faces in this little video taking you through the whole Hammam treatment.


The benefits of a Hammam Treatment

This Hammam treatment offers many great health and beauty benefits:

-Get ready to be scrubbed. Dead skin cells and bacteria are removed, so the skin can regenerate. The treatment will open your pores and stimulate the lymph and circulatory system. It is basically like creating a new slate.

-You get an hour that is just for yourself – some true “me-time”, where you get cleansed, drink tea and relax, without any distractions.

-The warm temperature and slightly humid air in the “hot rooms” raises the body temperature above normal, and stimulates the immune system to increase production of antibodies and kick starts your immune system.

-The benefits of Hammam use include pain relief, muscle relaxation, and respiratory relief. The Hammam efficiently releases toxins from the body through the skin. Combine this with massage and it’s no wonder that after centuries of use, they have taken on the unofficial name of the silent doctor.

-You’ll walk out with healthy, glowing skin and a fresh mind.



Fancy a Spa-day at home?

If you want to re-create the Hammam experience at home, the brand “MarocMaroc” provides all you need – except for maybe the hot marble slate to lie on.

1. Miel d’Ambre Detoxifying and Exfoliating Body Balm

Inspired by the black soap used during the treatment this detoxifying balm will leave your skin feeling silky soft. Ideally get someone else to do your back!

£ 91.50

2. Infusion Orange Shower Milk

This shower milk’s fragrance blends the warmness of wood and sweetness of neroli, spiced with a touch of nutmeg. A beautiful texture which transforms into a gentle foam. Sold!

£ 27.00

3. Jardin Mille Roses Perfumed Water

This rose and violet fragranced water is to be applied directly on the skin, which is softened and toned.

£ 48.50