28/05/15   Loved Links

Loved Links

1. Beauty Advice From Daughters

What beauty standards do you want to teach your own daughter? How do you hope she will feel about her own looks? You want her to be happy and confident, right? Yes. So why do so many of us, set a rather bad example by criticizing our own bodies in front of our children? Blogger, writer and young Mother Emily Schuman, tells us about her own experience on her blog.


2. How To Make A Speedy Morning Smoothie

Net-a-Porter brings together Nutrition guru Rosemary Ferguson and celebrated trainer Tim Weeks for their new wellness series, where the two create a smoothie thats ideal for before or after your morning run, especially for those who don’t have time to fuel up before they hit the office.  This recipe doesn’t just call for your fruits and greens – it also includes magnesium, for muscle relaxation, and Himalayan crystal salt, to help hydrate the body after your work out.


3. Hairstyle Ideas For 2015

There’s no excuse for a bad hair day! Whatever your hair colour, length, cut or texture, Glamour Magazine has got the perfect style for you. Browse through a round-up of the hottest new catwalk styles, pick your favourite and follow their top tips to get the look at home.


4. Paintbox Blog

Need some inspiration for your next mani? Then definitely check out the blog from this nail studio in New York, called Paint-Box. They have genius, modern designs – so get ready to rock.