23/04/15   Loved Links

Loved Links

1. Understanding Face Yoga ft. Ranjana Khan

Relax, sit back and … make funny faces. It’s that simple – work all your facial muscles and help lift, define and rejuvenate your appearance with a daily 5 minutes Face Yoga practice from Ranjana Khan. The MINMAX office loves her video – we are going to practice our grimaces during our daily lunch breaks.


2. Clean up your act with these 10 simple steps

“No matter what your starting point is, there are many positive things that can be achieved by cleaning up your diet with just a few simple steps. I’m not talking about a soft and gentle approach – there just isn’t time for that – I’m talking about a thorough spring clean, and by this I mean eating clean.” Tough love from Expert Nutritionist Amelia Freer. Find out how to give your fridge the ultimate spring clean.


3. Dove’s ‘Choose Beautiful’ – Women all over the world make a choice

What door would you choose? Doves creates another viral ad-campaign and opens up to a conversation about our own beauty standards. A recent study shows that only 4% of women worldwide would call themselves beautiful – which we find absolutely shocking and we hope that all of our readers would happily go trough the ‘beautiful’ door!


4. The Best Beauty Memes of All Time

Feeling the midday slump? Skipped your (third) cup of coffee this morning? Over today and in the mood for mindless entertainment? (No judgment if you’re reading this at 9 a.m.) Click this link. Byrdie gathered 18 of the best beauty memes from the depths of the Internet for your viewing pleasure.