There are lots and lots of reason that women wear makeup: to appear more attractive, to look older or younger, to cover imperfections, to change our appearance, to enhance certain features, a mask to hide behind…the list goes on.

What is clear, is that women (me included) use it as a tool to help us face the world. It’s part of our daily routine, and for whatever reason we apply makeup, it gives us confidence and strength.

I named the film ‘War Paint’ – because just like soldiers that put on their camouflage paint to go into combat – women put on their makeup to take on the day.

In the film you see 3 models doing their hair and make-up using various tools. We see a reveal of them ready to face whatever is thrown at them. In the film – this is water. We then see the girls bombarded by water from every direction.

For me, the water represents the obstacles we meet daily as we go though life. The girls face the water bravely, it ruins their hair and makeup – but they take it on with courage, strength and are even able to laugh at the situation and themselves.

The attitude with which we face the challenges of daily life is the difference between winning and losing. Life is a game and we have to get up every day and play our best hand. Life is messy – we get our hearts broken, we fail at things, we get into arguments with friends and family…

When we are feeling low – doing our hair and makeup helps us feel better. By the end of the day we sometimes feel a bit battered and bruised. What do we do? Have a bath – wash the day off. Have a good night sleep and start again – by putting on our makeup!

The cycle continues day after day. This is why at the end of the film we are back again at where we started. Makeup and hair perfect – ready to face yet another day.

I hope you like the film.