No explanation needed – follow Pat now! Believe us – once you do, you will never look back!



It is no secret that we love the amazing Val Garland. Her work is stunning and she is totally worth regramming – and she comments with lovely hearts and kisses. How sweet is that?



Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and many more. They all trust Tom Pecheux to beautify them. So if you are looking for exciting behind the scenes of photoshoots or runway shows – then Tom is your man!



Lisa Eldridge – the mother of all Youtube beauty tutorials and the queen of Instagram. With her occasional snaps of her fluffy cat and her holiday destinations – her account is the right balance between fun and professionalism.



You gotta love charismatic Charlotte Tilbury. She is the fave of many celebrities and so is her brand, which never ever ceases to amaze us. Follow her for some glamorous celeb selfies and much more. Come on Darlings!



Hannah Murray is the mastermind behind many a different runway look – such as the Topshop Unique Ready-To-Wear Autumn/Winter show. If anybody knows how to do natural yet still edgy – it is Hannah.



Always an account we take a look at, when we are searching for inspiration. The french make-up artist Violette has tons of talent, and even more creativity in her blood. We can’t praise her work enough!



We’ve been following Lottie since the beginning of MINMAX Beauty. All her looks are on point and couldn’t be any cooler, better, neater! If you are reading this Lottie … we love you, please come work with us!



Last but not least – a make-up artist, turned into a celebrity herself. Guess who made contouring a thing? Right, Kim Kardashian. And who does Kim’s, and for that matter the whole Kardashian-Clan’s, make-up? That is Joyce Bonelli. With TV show appearances and a Instagram following of over 950.000 people, she catapulted herself  backstage to centre stage!