Chasing after that 'Runner's High'?

I myself am probably the worst person to try and convince you to give running a go – as I absolutely hate it. I can barely run from my house to the gym, which is (embarrassingly) only a 15 minute walk.

Everybody keeps telling me about this ‘runner’s high’ that will kick in and basically make you a running addict. Well – it’s safe to say that mine is yet to come.

But here is the kicker – I felt the same about Yoga too, and found out very fast that it is more about the mindset, than about the pure muscle strength. If your mind isn’t flexible, then your body won’t be either. So in order to achieve anything, you have to work the hardest – on your own attitude. At first I was the most clumsy, unbalanced and inflexible yogi the world has ever seen, but after a couple weeks I got so excited to see my progress – even if it was in baby steps. It made me proud and pushed me to go further.

My goal is it to create that same shift in my attitude, when it comes to running. Running is the most affordable, uncomplicated and doable exercise there is. Once you have a good pair of trainers – you are good to go. No need for a gym subscription, a yoga matt, weights or fancy gear. And as a total plus – you are outside, in nature, with birds chirping and fresh air.

Running has countless benefits to your health and will help your blood flow and  blood pressure immensely. You get glowing and radiant skin, lean and long muscles and you can impress your friends with your condition and endurance. It is those couple minutes a day, where you are alone with your thoughts and can reflect on your life, that will make you feel motivated.

If you need more motivation to start your first jog, then how about all the fun apps that come with being a runner? You can either run with the beat of personalised music, see how many calories you burned, getting chased by zombies (yes really!) or share your new personal bests with friends and family. Yes, running is simple – but there is so much more to it.

Make your first step and become part of the movement.

‘Zombies,Run!’ App

‘Nike+ Running’ App

‘Rock My Run’ App

All images are sourced from Nike’s Instagram Account.