Meet Ruth Crilly. Model. writer, vlogger, beauty insider, and founder of the incredibly successful website A Model Recommends.

She knows about beauty – and with her brilliant online videos of product reviews and how-to’s, has become a trusted voice in the industry.

So for our next Story – ‘We get our hands on A Model Recommends –  we were thrilled that she let us give her a few new looks.

There will be more to come from Ruth – including a fun behind the scenes film from the day, where she takes us through the shoot from the model’s perspective. Watch this space – and sign up to get  it directly to your inbox!

Oh – and if you are wondering who’s arm that is. It belongs to another internet star – the model: Ricki Hall. The original bearded, tattooed model – with a huge personality. Ricki is a walking piece of artwork. 

What made you start 'A Model Recommends'? Did you imagine it would grow into what it has become today?

I started A Model Recommends because I wanted an online place that brought my writing and my modelling career together. After ten years jetting about as a model, I knew that I wanted a different career direction and had always wanted to make writing my main occupation; the internet gave me the perfect platform to self-publish and be creative.

I always wanted it to grow to be something great; I basically stopped life for three years and spent every waking minute making content and maintaining the site. I tend not to do things by halves – both a pro and a con, depending on who you ask!

How does it feel to be an internet sensation?

Haha!! I like that title. I’ll be honest; it’s easy to feel quite removed from the whole thing because so much of it involves sitting about on the computer, answering comments and questions but not really seeing the people you’re talking to. That’s why I love doing meet and greets so much – I get to actually see faces and talk to real people! 

Your favourite MIN look?

Ballerina bun, perfect skin, lick of mascara and a quick brush over with Chanel’s Les Beiges in shade N20; just the slightest hint of healthy colour.

Your Favourite MAX look?

A full-on smoky eye, sometimes with a full-on lip at the same time! Very eighties, very Tom Ford-esque. Can’t beat a bronze metallic eye and a matte red lip with huge, glamazon hair. 

Do you have any key make-up/style tips?

Mostly to keep it simple and stay true to what you like. Not everyone needs to look like Zandra Rhodes. If that’s your look then great, but never think that your own look is “boring” or needs “shaking up” just because you’re not following the latest trends.

Wear the makeup that suits and flatters you, and the same for clothes. And if that’s the look you wear forever then so be it; some of the chicest women I know have been wearing the same look for decades. 

The biggest beauty mistake people make?

Eyebrows. Dear God, eyebrows. I used to think it was overplucking, but now people have gone Cara-crazy and have started painting on huge slugs! Just somewhere in the middle is fine! Go with what you have! If your brows are fine and shapely, naturally, you don’t need to bushy them out and triple their depth – do what suits YOUR face and not what the trends dictate!

And, back to my original point: overplucking. Don’t do it. 

Have you had any beauty disasters?

Mostly ones that have been inflicted upon me as I sat, helpless, in the makeup chair. In Germany a woman bleached my eyebrows off without asking (should have been paying attention that morning!) and I have had an unexpectedly short haircut before that was platinum blonde when they rinsed everything off. Bit of a shock – four months before my wedding, too! 

How was it shooting with MINMAX Beauty and half naked Ricki Hall?

Haha, all in a day’s work, all in a day’s work… It was great fun, actually. I love it when a team just falls together perfectly – the concept is amazing, which definitely helps, but when all of the team just get each other and what they are trying to achieve the day is so much more rewarding. 

Do you have any tips for aspiring models or vloggers?

Models: always have a plan B. In fact, consider modelling to be your plan B and always stay working on your Plan A! You can never trust the fashion industry to keep you afloat, it’s a fickle old game and you can easily become unstuck if you don’t have an alternative source of income or creative endeavour.

Vloggers: be yourself, embrace your individuality. There are thousands of people out there all trying so hard to be the same and to conform: find out what’s unique about you and run with it. That’s your ticket!