Get real and embrace your complexion

There are many reasons to love a good BB cream. First of all, it has plenty of nourishing ingredients that make our skin happy, secondly it is not as cakey and heavy as foundation – which is essential for summer proof make-up, and lastly (and most importantly) it doesn’t cover every single inch of your face with a overwhelming amount of foundation. Some of your flaws may slightly show through the sheer coverage – and that is good news. Because the trend in 2015 is all about being natural and embracing all your flaws, including a bit of dark circles, discolourations, freckles or one or two pimples. Embrace it, be proud of it and wear the BB cream with your head held high. The confidence and the natural glow will shine through every (visible) pore of your face, making you look fresh and absolutely beautiful!



BB Cream Complexion Illuminating Veil SPF 20 - by Embryolisse

This little wonder here is a staple in the kits of the most renowned make-up artists world wide. One big fan of the brand for example is our trusted make-up guru Ruby Hammer.
It helps combat free radicals, therefore great for anti-ageing, has an SPF20, so great for everyday, and thanks to it’s Hyaluronic acid is super moisturising. On top of all this it cover fine lines and blurs pores to create a silky and illuminated complexion. What more can you want?

£ 26.99