As a photographer I’ve shot the wonderful, age defying and very funny Davina McCall several times a year since 2008. From Garnier campaigns, DVD shoots and editorials for magazines – every shoot has been a pleasure and we always have a huge amount of fun on set.

One person who is always there with her is her hairdresser, Michael Douglas. I can see why – her hair consistently looks shiny, healthy and effortless…

I know you best as Davina's hairdresser. How long have you worked with her and why do you think you work so well together? 

I’ve worked with her since 2000 – She’d just started on Big Brother. I did her hair for a hair colour commercial for Wella (I had to colour her hair bright red) and we just hit it off.

She took my number and rang me to do her hair for the Baftas later that year and we went on to become good friends. We both got married in the same year and started having kids at the same time, so we have a lot in common. And I assume she liked the way I did her hair. She has been the perfect client.

Obviously I have many other clients and jobs. Which have included working for many designers during London, New York and Pairs fashion weeks. I also have a production company and currently have been making a lot of TV for the BBC (some hair related) and I have a private studio/salon in Central London where I prep hair for TV commercials, shoots, shows, and actors for the movie business. But it’s fair to say I do love working with Davina the most!

Can you tell us what you use on Davina's hair?

On wet hair I apply Sebastian Potion 9 mixed with Sugar Lift blow dry spray from Wella EIMI. It’s my current favourite duo for any blow dry. Both products are great in combination with one another.  Potion 9 is a cream conditioner you leave in. It makes the hair super soft and really shiny and the Sugar Lift gives the hair hold and loads of thickness and body. A perfect product would be these 2 combined…

Then I dry the hair using a powerful Collexia hair dryer (Always with a nozzle) and the brilliant YS Park Bristle brush.

Davina’s hair has changed enormously over the last 15 years mainly due to having 3 kids. Back in 2001 it took me all of about 5 mins to do it – it was so easy, shiny and smooth. You’d just blast it dry and it fell brilliantly, but now it takes about 30-40 mins to do. As hair get older it loses it shine and it get thinner so you need to put more effort onto it to make it look glossy and thick.


Any hair disasters/funny stories?

In about 2005 we cut Davina’s hair. She really wanted to go short and at the time we loved it, but when I look back on it now I’m not so sure… 

I work with her every year on a show called The Jump. It’s in Austria and it’s about ski jumping – I’m always amazed I get booked as it’s so cold out there that every night she ends up wearing a hat! I have to try and talk her into facing the cold and not wearing one so I can at least look like I’m doing some work. In her defence it’s sometimes -12 C!  

Did I hear you were launching your own brand? How exciting! Can you tell me a bit about it? 

Yes, this was something I was unsure about doing as the market is so full of brands all offering roughly the same solution. So I wasn’t going to be just another one. If I was going to do this then I’d need to create something that no other hair brand was offering. I’ve recently met two partners in the innovation area and together we’ve created some brilliant patented technology in three heated hairstyling tools and complementing hair products that will change the way and the where you do your hair. I’d be crazy to say any more about it at this stage, but we’re on track to have them all ready for Christmas. I’ll tell you more then?

Great Michael – that sounds very exciting. Looking forward to hearing all about it then.

Just another normal day at work with Davina McCall.

Thank you Michael – and Davina!


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