Go Boho or Go Home

Are you drinking green juice, doing Yoga and like listening to acoustic guitar? Welcome to the club of modern hippies. The last thing to complete your bohemian look are dainty chains with precious stones.  No not diamonds – we are talking quartz stones, geodes and moonstones. The most beautiful summer trend that will carry happily into the coming autumn too.

Here are 4 of our MINMAX favourite bijoux!



Loquet London

MINMAX Beauty has always been big fan of Loquet London. If you want to customise your necklace, then Loquet is the place to go. You can add as many gems, stones and charms as you want, adding personal meaning to a piece of jewellery. Every charm symbolises something different, so now you can add luck, happiness, faith…or love to your Loquet (and life?).

~ £ 100.00