The magical things you can learn from the internet

A little confession – yes I have a TV at home, but it got replaced by my laptop looooong ago. Everything I can find by swapping through the channels, is now online. And even better, with my subscription feed on Youtube I can tailor the content to my preferences, only watching things that actually interest me (in my case beauty, beauty, and more beauty … oh and cats). I spend at least 2 hours everyday on Youtube, following all my favourite beauty gurus and make-up artists. So to give you an insight, I share my 5 favourite make-up tutorials!


Natural Flawless Skin - by Lisa Eldridge

If you ever wondered how to create flawless skin without looking cakey – then this video will give you the ‘Lisa Eldridge technique’, which is probably the best one out there anyway. So sit back, learn and wonder how Lisa still looks so good, even without any make-up!


Kate Moss’ Wedding Make-up - by Charlotte Tilbury

Every one raise their hands if you have a slight obsession with Kate Moss! Here at MINMAX we certainly do – and this wedding day make-up look is amazing. You might think, well yeah that’s nice, but I am not getting married. No worries, her look is super flattering, natural, romantic and is simply a perfect day look. Thank you Charlotte for making our Kate dreams come true.


Make-up for Work - by Marie Greenwell

Mary Greenwell is famous for giving her model a real glow, by … well frankly slapping the make-up on. She is proud of her signature style and we can’t argue with it, because it always looks amazing. Here is her tutorial for an everyday office look. So be prepared to slap it on – Mary-style.


Dior Palette Cooperation for MINMAX Beauty - by Harriet Hadfield

Attention – shameless self-plug: Remember our MINMAX Eyebox Story? Get the look created by talented Harriet Hadfield, great for a big night-out, a special event or simply when you feel like some sparkle in your life.


Victoria Secret Fashion Show Beauty - by Dick Page

If you are anything like us, you sit in front of your computer looking at the drop-dead gorgeous Victoria Secret’s models with a bag of chips in your hand, complaining about how life is soooooo unfair. But help is at hand – become an angel, by following Dick Page’s tutorial for the famous look. Runway, here we come!