See the Pixiwoo sisters as you have never seen them before.

MINMAX Beauty is excited to announce our new story “WOHOO! PixiWoo!” featuring the talented make-up artists and sisters Samantha and Nicola Chapman. Nieces of the famous make-up artist Maggie Hunt – beauty is in their blood. After creating the trailblazing youtube channel “PixiWoo“, the 2 beauty gurus also successfully launched a make-up brush collection called “Real Techniques”. Their brushes are now well established and amongst the top selling brands in the UK and US.

They are rising stars, yet so down to earth.  This MINMAX shoot was their first editorial in front of the camera, so we feel especially lucky to be the chosen ones. 

With all current beauty trends leaning towards nude and natural, we thought it would be a good time to go colour-tastic and challenge the PixiWoo sisters to show off their talent to the fullest by creating bold colourful looks – no everyday make-up here! 

So join us behind the scenes on our latest shoot with Nic and Sam as models (and makeup artists!) and see their true colours!


What is your favourite colour and why?


“Green is my favourite colour because to me it is fresh and vibrant and makes me think of summer and fresh cut grass. Deeper greens remind me of precious gems and what girl doesn’t love an emerald.”


“I love both blue and green. I really love Peridot green and French navy. I can never decide which I like more though. Blue and Green remind me of the sea – the ocean is not one colour independently. Nic has a theory that your favourite colour is the same colour as your eyes but I’m not so sure! If it was true, most people’s favourite colour would be brown. That theory doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.”



We were talking a bit about confidence on the day of our shoot. At MINMAX Beauty we believe that women need to stand proud, stop apologising and also support each-other. But there are times when we all need a bit of a boost – any tips?


“I am really pale, and sometimes I think I look a little unhealthy, so a tan helps me feel better about myself. I’m a big fan of He-Shi liquid – it’s so easy to use. I also love a gradual tan, my current favourite is Crème de la Mer.

I’ve got pretty dark circles under my eyes so concealer is essential for me. The best one I’ve ever used is the Clarins Instant Concealer.

Mascara is essential for brightening and opening up the eyes. I think most women would say that Mascara is the one piece of makeup they can’t live without. I have no brand loyalty when it comes to Mascara, but currently I’m using YSL. I am however just as happy using high street brands.”


“Tinting lashes and brows! I try not to wear too much make up on a day-to-day basis, and by tinting my brows and lashes it makes me feel much more confident when I’m not wearing much. I also love it for holidays.

Gradual tan – I like to use the St Tropez Sensitive Self-Tanner as it’s really light-weight and not sticky. Tan instantly makes me look and feel better, but too much can look over-done which is why I love a gradual or light one.

I love to whiten my teeth every so often – it makes my smile stand out, and helps me feel much more confident. I also feel that if your teeth aren’t all perfectly straight, it seems to help when they are all whiter.”



Anything you would like to add? Any more tips?


“My top tip is always apply moisturiser to your skin before you put your make up on. It will help it stay better and last longer.

Another one is for anyone like me with thin lips: apply lipliner from the outside edge of your mouth (the corners), to the inside for some instant fullness.”




Beauty sensations online

Sisters who work together. Get more from PixiWoo on their youtube channel, where they share their tutorials, give professional advice, review products and give you the latest beauty news.