The star of the set

Chisato has been our trusted nail technician on countless MINMAX stories and never disappoints, which is why we wanted to celebrate her talent in our new ‘Mother of Nails’ story. we hope you will love the fun, poppy colours that make this editorial all about manicures (and of course babies).

The patience, skill and dedication that Chisato brings to the job are priceless, making her one of the best manicurist here in London. We are excited to share a simple how-to for each look that Chisato created for the story.



Blue Baby Bubble Bath


This one is easy, but requires a steady hand non-the-less. First, you apply a base coat and then two layers of your base colour, in this case OPI’s ‘Mermaid’s Tears‘. Wait until completely dry and then carefully apply a half circle on the outer, upper nail. If you are choosing a darker colour for on top, then you are good to go – but if you are choosing a brighter one like OPI’s ‘Need Sunglasses‘, then Chisato would recommend to apply a second layer for true colour pay-off. All that is left to do, is seal it all with a top coat – and done is you new funky manicure.

OPI ‘Mermaid’s Tears’
£ 16.23

OPI ‘Need Sunglasses’
£ 4.16


Pink Polka Party


This one is rather self explanatory. Chisato used two coats of Essie’s ‘Bachelorette Bash‘ as a base and then applied small, light blue polka dots with a wooden cuticle pusher. After the dots all dried completely she applied a clear top coat and … voilà, beautiful polka dots!

Essie ‘Bachelorette Bash’
£ 9.31

Essie ‘Bikini So Teeny’
£ 9.31


Red Rubies


The simplest nail art ever. All you have to do is apply two coats of you favourite red – our’s is Models Own ‘Red Alert‘ and a clear top coat. While that one is still drying, grab you tweezers to put a little gem stone on the base of your nail. Once it is all dried, it is sealed – with a top coat, secured and ready to go.

Models Own ‘Red Alert’
£ 3.49


Green Go-Getters


Simple and easy, but super effective. A golden stripe will amp  up your nail game instantly (plus it will match your jewellery). For the shoot we chose a poppy green from Revlon’s line called ‘Posh‘ and then drew a golden line through the middle of the nail. The Revlon ‘Nail Art Expressionist Polish in Vincent Van Gold Enamel Duo‘ makes it super easy with it’s small and pointy brush to create the perfect line – every time.

Revlon ‘Posh’
£ 6.49

Revlon ‘Vincent Van Gold’
£ 5.26


Silky Sunset Strokes


Last but not least, a beautiful sunset of Dior’s ‘Riviera‘, ‘Front Row‘ with a dash of ‘Sparkling Gold‘. First Chisato applied two coats of the dark orange and then used a clean eyeshadow sponge to dab on some of the metallic fuchsia – to create this amazing ombre effect. For the finishing touch she applied some golden powder to the tips – and with that completed the most stunning sunset your nails have ever seen.

Dior ‘Riviera’
£ 19.00

Dior ‘Front Row’
£ 18.50

Dior ‘Sparkling Gold’
£ 61.00