Thanks to Fleur’s vlog – you might already have a bit of an idea of what our day with her was like. Here is the full rundown from the shoot of our story “A Force To Be Reckoned With” which is now live.


Fleur De Force

First of all a big thank you to our ‘Force’.

We chose to shoot Fleur De Force, because she is the future. Fleur is a self-educated beauty expert and a modern entrepreneur. She has, through youtube, created a life for herself where her hobby is also her job.

Bloggers and vloggers are currently the new voice for a generation and are gaining huge numbers of followers due to their honest opinions, real reviews and approachable manner. A whole new era of celebrities is evolving from youtube and blogspot.

Taking a look at the statistics and numbers in our story – you can tell what massive support is behind Fleur. She is a powerful force and due to social media, she is in constant conversation with her fans.

As an online celebrity – you have to put yourself on the spot and be prepared to be loved, but also criticised. This is something that Fleur has had to deal with through her career as a successful Youtuber. If she had a daughter and had to give her any advice from the heart?

‘It would definitely be to not care what people think. This is something that I still struggle with, but I know that it makes a massive difference. As soon as you start to relax,  you start just enjoying your life and not giving two hoots about what other people think of you – you’ll have so much of a better time.”


From MIN to MAX

As the hair was going from MIN to MAX – so was the make-up. Starting with a very nude and bare look: Ruby Hammer added more and more drama to each shot.

In the Story you can see how Fleur transforms from “Girl Next Door”, to a classic “Grace Kelly”, to finally a reveal a “Rock Chick” look.


Staples and dainty jewellery

The styling was kept it to very simple staples, like a grey top, a black mesh top, a white polo neck and a leather jacket. All paired with subtle and modern jewellery in gold and silver.

Alison Elwin, our stylist pulled amazing pieces, like the star ear cuffs by Jennifer Zeuner or the Rachel Boston Silver Scorpion Sting Necklace, that got everybody raving on our instagram account.


The Photographer

And last but not least, the photographer Elisabeth Hoff (doing her best warrior yoga pose), guided Fleur and helped her to relax.

The rest of the MINMAX team, created a friendly atmosphere (thanks to Spotify, crisps and popcorn), interviewed Fleur, set up the lights and helped wherever help was needed.

We all had an amazing time and love the outcome of “A Force To Be Reckoned With” and we hope you do too!


Your MINMAX Team