15 Professionals in one Bedroom

One of the biggest MINMAX shoots yet – 15 professionals, from models, make-up artists, manicurist, hairstylists, assistants, photographer, digital operator, to a camera man …
It was a full house to say the least. We all squeezed into this gorgeous little bedroom in North London and envied the models who were posing between the comfy white sheets.

The idea for our story ‘Bed Head’ was to take the trend, of messy undone hair and take it to the next level – meaning that these styles are supposed to look like they “just woke up like this”. And who could do bed head better than red heads – and of course George Northwood? The master of undone, sexy, messy hairstyles.

4 different red haired models, 4 different personalities. We had one cute and shy girl with long romantic hair, one sophisticated woman with a sexy bob, a modern and eccentric model with a straight textured look and a real rock chic with a short crazy pixie.


On Set with George Northwood

We interviewed George and here he gives you his rundown of each girl’s look and explains how to achieve the messy style. He also revealed which products he used for the different ‘bed heads’.

Some of the products mentioned are by the way George’s absolute favourites:

“My 3 favourite hairstyling products would be ‘Quick Tease‘ by Redken – an amazing hair spray which gives you that ‘back combing’ effect really easily without the hassle of having to actually back comb the hair.

Two, ‘Rough Paste‘ also by Redken. It’s basically like a wax but it has a bit of grit to it. So it’s really good for creating that beachy, messy look.

Third, Redken as well, (I am just obsessed with Redken) is ‘Powder Grip‘! It is a little tub of gritty talc powder that you put in the hair so it mattifies and makes it really gritty. You can tell I like texture in hair!”