23/07/15   Beauty As An Art

Beautiful art

The following 5 people are taking the word “make-up artist” quite literally and use the faces of their models as a canvas to create visually stunning looks. In this LOVE we celebrate the creative vein that runs in every professional make-up artist and hope you feel just as inspired as the MINMAX Beauty team!


Alex Box

Remember gorgeous Georgie Hobday from our Bedhead story? Well she is the muse for amazing make-up artist Alex Box, who uses the model as inspiration for many futuristic looks. As co-founder of Illamasqua she knows how to work her colours. From paint covered faces, blue freckles, to modern alien – Alex does it all, and we love her for it!


Val Garland

Oh Val, we have expressed our love for the genius Val many times. But here we go again – if you are looking for brilliant colours, glossy looks that look like a Picasso painting or for simply stunning make-up looks, then Val is the obvious choice. She now even teaches a “Val Masterclass”, where everybody can learn the classic yet crazy Val looks that have made her famous.


Andrew Gallimore

Another fan of model Georgie Hobday and another skilled artist who creates daring looks for celebs such as Beth Ditto, and magazines including Vogue and Cosmo. His client list is endless, because he bridges lavishness with modern simplicity.


Isamaya Ffrench

Who needs to go to the Tate to see modern art, if you can follow Isamaya on Instagram? Her looks are conceptual, edgy and controversial. For her, make-up can be about creating a character and being in touch with a narrative. Trust us, you want to see the absolute gorgeous Isamaya in your feed – so follow, follow, follow!


Yasmine Heinz

Last but definitely not least, Yasmine Heinz. She has worked for all the big guns including Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Vogue, Jean Paul Gaultier … to just name a few. When the eccentric Yasmin turns up on set, she just goes with the flow and the result is always surprising, yet absolutely amazing. There is no better word to describe her work but simply “WOW”. Love!