Afton Radojicic - Makeup Artist

Afton is the makeup artist behind my latest story ‘Afro-disiac’. She is a creative, modern makeup artist- who is as happy doing a paired down, natural look, as she is using bold colours and textures.

Afton was born, raised and started her career in Australia. She completed her studies in makeup effects at Star FX on the Gold Coast in 2001. After working for magazines and shows in Brisbane and Sydney, she moved to London in 2007 to pursue her dream career as a makeup artist.

I was thrilled to be working with her on this story, and thought it would be lovely for you all to get to know her a little better too…

How long have you been a makeup artist?

15 years

Did you always know that this is what you wanted to be? How did you start?

No I wanted to be a footballer! I always liked to paint and draw, so my Mother and Father enrolled me into makeup school, and I never looked back. So I have my parents to thank for my career.

What has been your most exciting job/client so far?

I love animals – so I have to say travelling to Thailand and doing a photo shoot with Elephants.

Any funny makeup stories to share? Any Ah-ha moments with regards to the world of beauty or makeup? 

I read in a magazine once that red eyeshadow was a great way to make blue eyes stand out, so I tried it. People avoided me all day because they thought I had an eye infection.

Catwalk looks and makeup trends don’t always work in real life.

What has being a makeup artist taught you about women?

That everybody has insecurities, women need to empower each other.

Do you have any tricks to help people relax in your makeup chair?

Yes, I try to always bring calm, positive energy to set. I also sometimes remind people to breathe.  It’s amazing how many people hold their breath.

Do you have any favourite beauty products?

Kryolan Shimmering Event Foundation.  I am in love with this product at the moment. It is the best shimmering foundation on the market and I use it on it’s own if I do not need much coverage, or as a base/highlighter with foundation if more coverage is needed. It adds a lovely dewy effect and makes skin look fresh and glowy.

I used it on all the looks in our ‘Afro-disiac’ story.


Any amazing new product releases you would like to share?

Pestle and Mortar’s Pure Hyaluronic Serum.

It’s pure hydration. The clear, scentless solution goes on easily, and is the ultimate multi-tasker for your skin. It targets fine lines and dehydration – and restores a healthy plumpness and radiance.

Do you treat black skin the same as white?

Yes I do, because no matter the colour, skin varies in texture, dryness, oiliness, pores, etc, so I treat everyone individually based on the condition of their skin.

What would be your top black skin products or tip?

To choose foundation according to your skins undertone, Bobbi Brown and Mac probably have the best colour range. It shouldn’t really cover up the skin, just even out tone and texture. Always check in daylight and use SPF.

I used MAC’s Studio Face And Body Foundation on our model Mimi in our story.

What does beauty mean to you?

Finding that little something that makes you glow.


Afton Radojicic is not only a talented makeup artist, but also a tweeting and instaglamming beauty.

Find all of her snaps on Instagram: @aftonmakeup

Get beautiful news on Twitter: @AftonR

And most importantly, find her stunning work on her website