Have a spontaneous date, a sudden cool party to attend, or slept over and have to face the walk of shame? Here is all you need.

1. Mini Mani Rescue Set by Tweezerman

Ever had a broken nail or just that tiny little edge of your nail, that keeps getting stuck in your sweater? Super annoying, am I right? In those moments, all you wish for is a nail file, before you rip your whole fingernail of (dramatisation). Fear no more – the Rescue Set is here and has got your back!

£ 22.00


2. Backstage Cheek and Lip Glow by Dior

There is this cool after-work party you just got invited too, but you checked in the mirror and faced a ghost – pale lips and cheeks. We still have to find a blush and lipstick that lasts trough a whole office day of eating, drinking coffee and leaning your head in your hands. But help is at hand. With this 2-in-1 you can quickly add some colour to your complexion, while looking fresh and natural. Bye bye ghost, hello cute guy I always see at the printer.

£ 27.00


3. Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant by Elizabeth Arden

Trust us, this Eight Hour Cream will come handy in many situations. Got dry cuticles? DONE! Your face looks dull and could use a healthy glow? DONE! Your hands feel like the surface of sandpaper? DONE! Your lips are the spitting image of the sahara desert? DONE! Simply apply this little miracle cream on everything and be amazed! 

£ 22.10


4. Prêt A Powder by Bumble and Bumble

Had a fun night out but are now facing the walk of shame? No shame here, be proud and hold your head high – with a hairstyle that still looks fresh and full of volume. Thanks to Bumble and Bumble’s Dry Shampoo Powder.

£ 21.50


5. Honey Solid Perfume Necklace by Marc Jacobs

The girl-version of the Inspector Gadget. With a simply flip, your gorgeous and cute necklace becomes a solid perfume. Easy to apply, never spills, and smells heavenly. What more could you want.

£ 34.00


Multicoloured Sequin Lipstick Clutch Bag by Santi

And if you are looking for a cute bag to pack all your necessities in – then this sexy sequin clutch could be the one!

£ 98.00