Hello 2016!

I love a New Year – I love the idea of a fresh start and some brand spanking new resolutions.

I’ve always been like that. The opportunity to sit down and make some big plans and hopefully do something great over the next 365 days fills me with excitement. I am thoroughly aware of how annoying my enthusiasm for it can be. A little voice inside my head likes to point out that it’s not very cool to be so upbeat about it all. I should be more nonchalant – because lets face it – I’ve always wanted to be cool. Like that Parisian girl in the cafe who sits there looking chic, smoking a fag and staring into space in an intellectual ‘you can’t touch me’ way. Oh to be like that. But here’s the thing – I am so not!

I am the sporty, more preppy, upbeat cheerleader kind of girl. Always have been. I hate smoking, I am a bit of a health freak, I like running, dancing and handstands and climbing on the monkey bars in the playground (and I’m over 40). And because of this I have spent a fair amount of time holding myself back. (What will the other parents say when I’m there at the top of the monkey bar!?) And last halloween I wore more makeup than my kids – as you can see. They were just not into that bit. But I was.

And this brings me to my main resolution for 2016: I am going to allow myself to be open and honest about the things that I am enthusiastic about – whether you think it’s cool/age-appropriate or not. Whether I am annoyingly upbeat to some people or not. There must be a few of you out there who like me appreciate a game of charades (adults do not play enough games in my book!) – quite like dressing up, consider a green smoothie a great start to the day, think that a good party needs to include more than just alcohol – and like a bit of mediation now and again.

So my resolution for 2016 is to stop holding myself back. Maybe it’s cool to be just who I am: with my slight obsession for raw food, my wish to stay fit and healthy, my love of a good organic beauty product, and my desire to take inspiring pictures of people who do not necessarily conform to the somewhat narrow beauty standard that we as woman have allowed to be put upon us. Beauty after all is simply about letting the real you shine. My journey with MINMAXBeauty so far has made this very clear. So it’s time to make sure I also apply this theory to myself.

The main reason that it’s been so long since my last blog is because I got a bit stuck. Stuck on what direction the site was taking, what I am doing with it, where it is going. My New Years resolution unlocks this – I am simply going to talk about things that I find interesting and share them here.


Wishing you a fit and fabulous 2016.